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Visa Express is a non-government based service authorized by the Russian consulate to expedite Russian visas. We offer reasonable and competitive price, our regular visa service rate start from $49 on top of the consulate fee. However, you can go to the Russian consulate to apply the visa in person to avoid paying additional fees. Our additional service fees include visa specialists to help you with your application forms to avoid delays and the hassle of having to wait in line yourself. We are here to assist you in the easiest and quickest ways possible, and we serve nationwide!

Russia Tourist Visa issued to foreigners who enter Russia temporarily for tourism, sightseeing, visit family/friend or other private purposes. Tourist visas are issued for a duration of stay up to 30 days. Single entry, double entry tourist visas are available, multiple-entry visas are not available for tourist visa. A double entry tourist visa cannot be issued for two separate trips to Russia with a return travel to the home country in between. Total period of validity of a double entry tourist visa cannot extend 30 days.

Russia Business Visa issued to foreigners who enter Russia for business visit, take part in negotiations, possess signed business contracts or visit companies or make commercial contacts. Single entry, double entry and multiple-entry visa are available for business visa.

Russia Homestay Visa also know as Visitor visa. Issued to foreigners who have relatives or friends in Russia, and after enter Russia staying with them, rather than staying at a hotel. For Homestay visa, the period of validity is from one to three months, and the visas have only one entry. Your host in Russia will need to apply for an official invitation (IZVESHCHENIE) on your behalf from Russian local authorities (OVIR).

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